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    I don’t know if this post belongs in this thread, but here goes. In the past few months, things went from bad to good to rock bottom. In Sept, I lost my job and had to go on unemployment. In January, because I couldn’t pay my rent anymore, I had to move. So, I gave everything in my house away, hoping that someone less fortunate than me could use it. I left NC and went to Illinois to stay with a friend of mine who had lined me up an interview with a good company. In the first week, I interviewed and was hired pending a drug test and background check. This was a company that made military weapons, so the background check was exhaustive. A week later they called me and said that everything checked out, I was offered the job on that Wednesday, and was to start on the following Monday. On Friday I get the call that the HR manager wasn’t authorized to hire anyone, so, I don’t get to go to work.

    Mind you, in this time frame, I was not drinking, in fact, I took my tax refund and banked it. (You have no idea of the urge to use that money to drink) I stayed there for a few more weeks looking for work, but nobody was hiring, and, quite honestly, I really missed NC. So..I packed up the car and the dog, and started the drive back down here. Due to some auto problems this trip took a week. So between the auto repair and the motel rooms, I exhausted my tax refund money. (good thing I didn’t drink it away, huh?)

    Now, that I’m back, I found a place that will let me pay them week to week, it’s $150 a week, and I make $170 a week from unemployment. So, herein lies the situation.

    I have one more week of unemployment left, and no prospects of a job. There is supposed to be an extension of unemployment benefits, but the best answer I can get from anyone is this. When you file your certification the week after yours runs out, if you get paid, then you qualify. So, I’ve got one more week of a place to live and then, I’m officially homeless.

    Why does this belong in a 12 Step National Meetings forum, you ask? Well, because today I started drinking again. When I am drinking I can forget about what is going to happen to me, and at this point I can live in the fantasy that things will get better. I know they won’t, but for the moment I can believe.

    I know I’m going to be homeless, I know that I’m going to have to give up my dog who’s been with me for 2 years. Make no allusions, I am fully aware of why and what I am doing. I’ve been to all the local agencies, churches and government offices, to no avail. So, I’ve accepted the fact that some of us are supposed to get better, and some of us just have to accept the fact that it really doesn’t matter what you do to get better. Sometimes life really does hand you a **** sandwich, and you have 2 choices, eat it or starve.

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