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    So, last night I was talking to my boyfriend and I was telling him about how I was finally trying to quit drinking and confessing how bad I had been. He is the one who gave me the kick in the butt I needed last week by calling me out on my constant drinking. So, imagine my shock when he said to me that I just needed to get it under control, it’s all mental and that he would help me with my will power.
    I said to him, “I’m an alcoholic, don’t you get it?” And he responds, “I am too. But, it’s all mental. I want to drink every day. But, I don’t. I drink once or twice a week because I have responsibilities. You do too so that’s what I will help you with.”

    I was just like OMG, this is a guy who supposedly cared about me enough to make me stop drinking and now it appears like he is threatened by me stopping drinking???? Is that what it looks like? Or does he honestly not realize how bad I am?

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