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    For the first time since September of 1988 (21 years) I can say that I’ve been stone cold sober for 90 consecutive days.

    Tomorrow, it will be the first time since May of 1980 (when I got that first beer buzz at age 14) that I’ll be able to say 91 straight days…that’s over 29 years!

    But it’s really not the number of days or years that matters, it’s the peace of mind that I’ve been blessed with these past 3 months.

    Has it been easy? Hell, no! It’s taken a lot of inner strength and soul searching, but in the end it’s all come down to getting up every morning and saying to myself, no matter what life throws at me today, I WILL NOT take that first drink. I now look at life as a wonderful gift and each day a new opportunity to learn and grow.

    So, the journey continues. Thanks to all of you here at 12 Step National Meetings! You all have something to bring to the table and I’ve learned a lot since I’ve been here.

    For all of you lost and struggling like I was, please don’t EVER give up! I’m proof positive that it’s never too late to change for the better:)

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