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    I have been drinking heavily for a long time. Id say about a fifth of vodka in a day. I’m in my mid 20’s and found myself not being able to leave my room unless I drink. My mom has offered to take me to the doctor, but when I leave my room I’m violently shaking. I’ve been highly hazy in the brain and where I can’t focus on ANYTHING. This feels like its been taking 30 min to write already. I want to goto the doctor but I cant have my mom know of any alcohol substance in my body. How do I tell the doctor about my alcohol use without my mom finding out? My partner has already left me because I said I was drinking. Last time I went to the doctor, i had a blood pressure of 172/90. I got a shot of valium and it did okay for a little bit…….Can’t figure out if this is a psychological problem or a withdrawal problem

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