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    Just thought I’d share this with you guys. I find thunderstorms fascinating. I always have from when I was a kid, through when I was an addict, and now sober.

    The last time a thunderstorm rolled through here I was insanely high, stumbled outside onto my porch and nodded off.

    Today was different. I went outside and noticed how chaotic and spontaneous the weather could be. And then I thought how I could relate.

    The weather here in PA has been terrible lately. For about the past 3 weeks it’s been rainy all day with no sun. Today was an amazing day! I had a great day at work and it was sunny in the mid 80’s.

    So I thought during this thunderstorm about the strange weather, my daily stresses, and ,most of all, my recovery.

    Here’s how I relate to the weather I’ve been having (and I’ve had numerous w/ds). The first three weeks after original detox felt like a dark rainy day. You can manage and get by, but overall you don’t feel like doing anything and feel lethargic all day. Life is gloomy and depressing.

    I would get through this dark period but then the sunny day comes when I would feel incredible. Everything just would go my way and I’m just happy. This was the sunny day for me today.

    And 6 hours later, the thunderstorms came through.

    I would think, “I had a good day, my life is getting better, so I’ll just take a pill or two to celebrate because I’m obviously not addicted anymore.”

    And I’ll give you guys when guess how that turned out.

    But I’m over 6 months sober so that goes to show you how long it’s been since PA has had an insane thunderstorm!

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