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    Hi Everyone,

    Guess its finally time to Post my story. I’ve been here since May and I’m currently on day 48. I can’t thank the people here enough for posting their stories and struggles. Helped me so much and got me through some rough days.

    I started drinking 4 years ago. Innocently at first and quickly turned obsessive. Bad marriage, family problems, illness, had to have my 16 yr old cat put down and death of my best friend…. my beautiful Mom. The list goes on but …….maybe another day.

    Thought I could drink my problems away. Found out the hard way it only made things worse. Ten times worse and drinking created more. Tried to stop numerous times and failed. Promises broken, bad behavior, the usual consequences for an alcoholic.

    I prayed and prayed for the strength to stop. I believe I was granted that and here I am. Alcohol free Getting divorced after 29 years . A little lonely but more peaceful. Time to reclaim my life and find what makes ME happy. I know I have a long road ahead of me, know times will be rough. Have to deal with depression etc. As long as I stay sober I can face my problems and make better choices.

    Thank you for listening and send my love and best wishes to all of you as we continue our journey for a alcohol/drug free life.

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