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    Hi everyone, what a great forum this is, so much support it is truly incredible. I’m very happy to be here.

    I decided it’s time to quit the OC today. I had a cranieotomy just over 6 months ago which is when I got more heavy into the pain meds. Oddly, I started slowly with oxy a few months prior to surgery and i’d go through a 40 or so on both friday and saturday and then none during the week. That slowly went up over a couple months to an 80 on fri-sat- and 40mg or so on sun. This is all because I was simply bored. Had nothing to do so why not nod off with a known killer right?So surgery passes, a couple weeks go bye and i’m technically good to stick with ibuprofen but I have a bunch of norco and OC80 refills. Thereby I still have time of absence left from work and lots of pills… Can ya guess what happened?? Bet ya did 🙂 Vicodin came and went pretty easy but oxy grew and grew.

    I was taking 60-100 mg a day(workday) as i’d quarter the 80 in a pill cutter and take 20mg at a time. On the weekends i’ve seen up to 320mg. I’d say avery weekday is 80mg, average weekend is 200-240.

    Anyway, I took 20mg this morning to get through the workday and that was 8am. Been 15 hours now since my last dose for good and withdrawals are hittin home. The rls is crazy, felling like i want to jump out of my skin, it’s all there.

    I did get sub 8mg a day but don’t want to use it unless absolutely necessary so i’m gonna see how I do CT off this oxy…. I’ve been fortunate that it’s not taken much yet but I know it wanted to. It was the recent horrible depression i’ve had that was the last factor to kick it. I’m down to kick it’s ass on out of here.

    I’ll keep y’all updated as things go if anyone is interested and thanks for letting me post here. Hope to make some friend to talk to and gladly take advice from.


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