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    yes, it’s time.

    I’m going to be 100% honest with him this time. the problem is out of control. I was successful staying sober in the past for a whole year!!!
    then relapsed.
    some of the worst hangovers the past year with one ending me in the hospital.

    Hopefully, i am going through my last hangover. this is what i say every-time . my brain finds new ways to break my determination to do this.. I thought i had the power. I’m just fooling myself now. it’s like a never ending spiral

    with that said, i feel there is two parts(possible more)OR PROBLEMS. one is i am addicted to alcohol..body needs etc. second, my mind has stored in deep memory a psychological problem.. it has everything to do with creativity and the stress i put on myself to achieve it..forces in life do not allow us that freedom (that story)..psychiatrists…no help..

    so today.. i am going to find as much help as i can…
    for all those that have gone through this bad(s)time and and then started sober, my hat goes off to you.

    excuse my fragmented sentences..

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