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    12 Step National Meetings has helped me so much over the past 9 months. I’ve went through coming here and stoping drinking, staring again, stoping again…finally getting sober. Never was judged at any of them times though by you guys. So just wanted to share this with everyone. What I do for a living is build custom fishing rods, recently I made a video for a website I run as to the past year of adventures I have taken. I shared this with the guys on the fishing website I run, but figured some of you guys here are even better friends then the guys there by helping me than some of them guys are lol. So why not share this here.

    I know this is probably a bit different then the normal posts here, but then again I’ve always been labeled “Different” lol

    Here’s some of my adventures from this past year. Thanks to everyone here for helping me to be sober and achive some of these things…I’m still trying and facing issues even today, but I haven’t gave up yet thanks to 12 Step National Meetings…

    Fly fishing and the outdoors have helped me so much to enjoy things besides drinking. It’s the one thing when I do it that I never have to worry about drinking while I’m there.

    YouTube – 2009season

    BTW- I’m the guy with the beard.And these are all pics I took myself over the past year.

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