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    From: the gf of a very high functioning alcoholic.

    I read the chapter “the wives” of the “Big Book,” and I really liked it. It gave me a lot of hope, and kind of a plan, for how to deal with this situation. I feel like I can understand what it might be like to be in those beginning stages of alcoholism, and that all hope is not lost yet.

    My main questions is, when you were drinking was there anything your SO did that made things worse or better in terms of you facing your problem?

    I know that nagging = bad. (This one is hard, but I’m doing pretty well).

    I know he’ll only stop when he really wants to, and I see glimpses of concern about his drinking only occasionally. Being as he drinks in the evenings, only at home, and we live close to public transit so there’s no need for him to ever drive home, he doesn’t engage in risky behavior. He doesn’t drink to the point of being hungover. There aren’t any real huge negatives for him now, but having our relationship progress to a family…well that doesn’t seem possible.

    My concerns are for his health drinking a bottle of wine a night, and what kind of a father he’ll be able to be like this.

    Were you all concerned and hiding it before you became sober?

    Any responses would be greatly appreciated.

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