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    Last night I took my pills. I felt sick. Not physically per say . I could feel for the first time I was poisoning my mind and body. For the first time taking those pills it wasn’t good. I wanted out. I felt disgusted at the whole notion. I am disgusted at myself. How could I let MY life be controlled by these pills.

    So today it is time to be proactive. So far today I have had 40mg Hydrocodone. This is a big change from the 90mg Oxycodone I would have taken by now.

    I plan on taking 40mg more before bed. Roughly 10 – 12hrs after the first dose. As I type I am a little over half way there. I don’t feel bad. A little anxious. I’m not going to lie I want to get high. I know that is my addiction talking. I will not give in.

    When I get the urge to use I am going to post on this thread. This is going to be my story. This will log my success , my lows , and my highs through my recovery. This is for me.

    Maybe my story will inspire someone else quit.

    I am so glad this outlet is here. I feel free here. It’s nice not to be judged.

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