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    Im almost 4 weeks sober and really struggling today. Boxing day is the day everyone goes out and im stuck in the house with my mum watching tv. I know i cant go out because i WOULD drink plus i have not bought any new clothes recently. I feel a mixture between…feeling pissed off…jealous that everyone else is out having fun and slightly down. I feel drink punishes me even when im not drinking. I know its still early days yet and these hard days will show up every now and then and when they do its a real struggle but i promised myself i would not give in to improve my own will power, confidence and self belief. I just wish i had a friend who was in the same situation as me, we could go out and understand each other and still have fun, i feel like a recluse at the minute but i felt like that when i was drinking too. I have to admit though that im starting to understand that good days always follow bad days and my anxiety has decresed extreamly. Im either bouncing about in my hyper cant shut up way or walking about being pissed off with someone. Strange times

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