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    well, here I go again.

    34 years old, 3 kids, perfect family. Self-employed. A complete drunk.

    Just a bit of intro – I’m a very happy person with one BIG problem…I’m a drunk. I’ve been a recreational drinker for most of my life, and then in ’04 my first marriage began to crumble. With it, my drinking intensified. In ’06 we split, and that pushed me further down the drunken slide. I eventually remarried a wonderful woman and yet was then stuck w/ quite the habit. 12 pack a day.

    So here I sit and I am going to stop today.

    My wife recently went on a 7 day trip and my intention was to quit while she was gone so that I could get past all the withdrawal, but alas, left to my own devices for so long, I instead simply drank every day. She returned last night.

    So today I’m going to quit. I’ve said this approximately 18038293 times, but I SIMPLY MUST STOP.

    I do need some help though: how do you get past that MOMENT of temptation and decision. For me it begins around 2pm. I begin to figure out how I’m going to drink that night. And then on my way home, I will come to the stop light. Turn right, I go straight home. Turn left, I hit the gas station. I ALWAYS TURN LEFT. How do you get through that one moment? I fail over and over and I need some help TURNING RIGHT.

    anyway, thanks in advance for any encouragement or advice.

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