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    At every turn today there was something else. The day started on the phone with PayPal and my credit card resolving an issue, which boiled my blood. Then turned into work and nothing was working out, no body was sending me the stuff I needed and my numbers weren’t matching, grrr. Then, my gf calls and says she owes some inordinate amount in car taxes, for a car which we traded in last year!!! Obviously you don’t need many brain cells to work at the DMV. I stayed an hour later at work to figure out their forms and stuff and I still haven’t. After getting home, I was on the phone again getting all the info. GRRR.

    I was so tempted to stop on the way home from work and just down a bottle of wine and stop my heart from racing and my hands from shaking. I didn’t. I went to a meeting, as I had planned all day. Went for a run/walk after getting home and continued with everything else. I do feel good that I did not drink. But I know that if I did drink, all this wouldn’t have taken such a toll on my stress level!

    I did it today, but I’m not sure I can do it everyday. I know once the alcohol starts flowing through my veins, I calm down and things don’t matter as much. How do I not give in?

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