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    I am feeling pretty stoked. After tomorrow I will have my first full week of being sober in a long time.

    This weekend was tough I must admit…I really need to rework my environments and I am unsure how.

    I went on a date on friday night and she fully wanted me to drink. I refused all night and made it through but that was too close. At one point part of me got really tempted. But I wrote a list of my worst hangovers and how I felt and I have made a rule for myself that if i ever feel like drinking I need to read that first.

    It definitely works. I have found rehashing the worst of times I have had drinking keeps my mind sick at the thought of picking up a drink.

    Tonight I had a business dinner to go to with friends which was enjoyable. No one gave me a hard time about not drinking. but after they wanted to hot a bunch of bars and I endured a bot of nagging, yet at the same time some people were supportive even as they took sips of their drinks.

    Afterwards the best friend I have showed up to hang out. I had told him earlier that i would be happy to hang out but that I would not be drinking anymore. He said he understood and would not be drinking tonight either.

    Yet when he showed up he was drunk and wanted to go out drinking. Luckily I persuaded him to go to places were I could escape drinking instead of bars where nothing but drinking would be the focus.

    Still like I said this is all too close to drinking. And I fully realize these also pose as poor environments in which to stay sober.

    I need to figure out activities I can do with others that do not include any sort of drinking atmosphere yet still allow me to feel like I had a night out and made the most of my weekend (also I would like to continue with the dating scene without the pressure of alcohol)

    So my thoughts are that this week will serve as planning time for creating or exploring new hang out environments around my area that still allow me to be social without any alcoholic presence. This will definitely present a challenge so I am open to any ideas.

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