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    I don’t know if I’m an alcoholic, or if I’m pretty ‘normal’ for my age. I’ve read the characteristics of someone dependent on alcohol, and quite a few seem to fit. But it’s pretty common for a 19 guy to get wasted on a somewhat regular basis, so if I say anything about being an alcoholic, everyone says “Oh, you’re just young, and having a little too much fun. Everyone does it. You’re no different.” But the thing is, it’s becoming different. I seriously think it’s becoming a problem. I’ve read the signs, shakes in the morning, being unable to stop at one or two, drinking every day, drinking alone, all that, and so many fit.

    Maybe I’m in denial, or I’m just being paranoid, I don’t know. How likely is it that someone who can’t even legally drink be dependent on alcohol? I’ve been getting drunk with friends or at parties since I was 9 (young I know), I’ve had a fake ID since I was 17 to buy booze for parties or whatever, but it seems like in the past year it’s escalated. Not just parties, but every night, rarely less than 4 or 5 beers. Waking up sick and barely dragging myself to work.

    Does this sound like an average 19 year old, or the makings of a problem? I want to stop myself if I’m headed down the wrong road.

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