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    Hi im Sharon and Im an

    By the grace of my HP
    and people like you here
    in 12 Step National Meetings I havent found it
    necessary to pick up a
    drink of alcohol since

    For that and you I am
    truely grateful.

    1 day sober or clean is
    an awesome accomplishment
    for any addict.

    15 yrs. and more yrs. or
    many one days at a time
    collected together is also
    an accomplishment for
    anyone in recovery.

    You don’t just get 15yrs.
    or more automatically by
    simply wishing it. There
    is a program of recovery
    followed and incorperated
    in a daily life and lived
    each day.

    Passing on your own ESH,
    experiences, strengths &
    hopes of what it was like
    before during and after
    drinking or drugging.

    Newcomers need the old-
    times just as the old-timers
    need the newcomers in

    We are all here to help
    each other.


    As a newcomer once myself
    I couldn’t comprehend what
    an oldtimers sobriety felt like
    cause I hadn’t experienced
    it yet till many yrs. later.

    At 20 yrs. sober myself, I
    can help the newcomer, yet
    I need old-timers to help me
    as i continue on my journey.

    Are you 15 yrs. or older
    in recovery?

    As newcomers need newcomers
    to relate, so does oldtimers
    need old timers to also relate.

    To speak the same language.
    To experience the same feelings.
    and not feel alone in recovery.

    Does that make sense?

    When one reaches long
    term sobriety, some may
    feel like they are cured and
    it’s okay to test the waters
    and see if it’s safe to drink
    or use.

    Many have returned there
    and never get back into
    recovery. There are many
    sad statics unfortunately.

    I dont want to be a statistic.

    Life is grande and I dont
    want to throw it away.

    I too need support from my
    fellow old-timers to continue
    on my sober journey.

    Are you out there?

    Im here for you. Will you
    be there for me?

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