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    Hello everyone
    I was laughing today before I posted this because i remembered a similar post from so calteen about how he HAD to take painkillers again. Well, afte two nice weeks of sobrietyand having successfully tapered of suboxone I was enjoying a horse ride with my brother and brother in law. They decided they wanted to run the horses a little so I decided I would plod along the trail since I don’t have the skills to run a horse. Little did I know that when my horse heard the other horses running that she would want to run as well. So there I am, rather comically hanging on to the back of a runaway horse. I did pretty well I stood up in the stirrups and calmly but firmly kept giving the stop command, while trying to fight the instinct to clench my legs which actually makes the go faster. Well she slowed down and I thought the ordeal was over but damned if she didn’t jet away again. She took me really close to a barbed wire fence and I actually thought…wow I am going to die today.. this really sucks. She began to slow but then jet away again… as we started to run out of pasture she slowed in the face of an oncoming fence. At this point was seriously doubting my ability to stay on if she jet away again, so as we neared the ten mile an hour mark I did what I guesss you arent supposed to do, I decided to bail and take my broken bones as opposed to falling off at high speeds. I fractured my fibula and a malleatus or something.. all in all 5 breaks, all the ligaments are torn, and the balls in my feet are crushed AND it dislocated. Fun day eh? I wet to see my doctor that had me on suboxone.. he works in the trauma urgent care facility close by. And we had a laugh but the whole staff seemed quite surprised by my injury. They were all gathering around with their cell pones snapping pictures. They told me sure they have seen worse but not very often.
    My doctor mentioned that after all this surgery is over and when he feels I no longer need pain medication that I may have to go back on a very small dose of suboxone if it is necessary.
    I was very much of the attitude that Well, I can suffer a little pain and I have but after they were puling and trying to re locate my ankle I am on fire. I only have to wait two days for surgery but Doc sent me home with meds and I have to be honest, I havent felt any relief from them yet. If a pain scale of 10 is writhing in pain I am at a raging 9 working on ten. I only hope that it settles down a bit as the day goes by . they were really manhandling it yesterday when they popped it back it.. and it absolutly did not want to stay in.
    So I have a few weeks of crap ahead of me and I guess I won’t be on anymore horses for awhile. Hope everyone is well and staying the course. Good luck to you all, I have a feeling i’ll be popping in a bit more with all this tiime on my hands. I’ll put up a photo later.. you guys HAVE to see it….GRUESOME

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