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    A young twenty something man from our area has died , not sure if it was suicide or overdose, but the word was he was doing heroin.Heroin use is on the rise in and around our little suburban communities, as kids start out with a few hydro’s or perc’s and then discover cheap heroin ( I’m surprised I never did it) Friends of mine have a kid who was friends with the kid who died, I suspect he is using also, as he has used perc’s in the past and has legitimate health issues. I have tried to talk to them and they are aware of my experience, but they just can’t seem to realize how serious it is, or how deep he may be in. As parents they can’t do much to prevent a near 30 yr old man from doing what he wants, and I know he has to want it,( quitting that is) but I’m scared for him. On another note I have a close friend who is trying to get off opiates, he was injured at work years ago and has taken percoset for years. He was recently injured again and is going to need surgery, his doctor has taken him off the percoset and given him Kadian, is this not going from the frying pan to the fire ?

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