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    I CANNOT BELIEVE IT. Well maybe I can, as it’s a cause, I have “High Triglycerides” I’ve just been told by my doctor as I just got my bloodwork done, as I haven’t had it done for like a year and a half. It’s the fat in your blood, and they say you can have it from obesity, eating more calories than you burn, and … drinking a lot of alcohol.

    I’ve come off a 2 month heavy binge from May and June, then was off alcohol for 22 days, then binge drank for a few days lately… and I don’t … I wasn’t exactly told how high my triglyceride is, but apparently it’s not normal. Has anyone else had this problem like their doctor told them this?

    Also I should add, since February I started eating ice cream, and I never actually ate much in my life… I eat spinach daily, 20 sit ups/10 push ups a day, I eat a little too much cheese, but I eat SMART BALANCE DIET LIGHT BUTTER …

    Well … even though my anxiety is at a very big high, just thought I would ask about this. T… thanks.

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