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    Please keep good thoughts for “Annie”, a member of the outpatient group at which I volunteer.
    Annie is 21, with a small child. Sober since age 14 (yup, I said 14), Annie got a case of the “all-grown-ups” and decided that she could try drinking legally.

    In three short days, Annie racked up three DUI’s. Yes, 72 hours, three DUI’s. While drunk, she also tried heroin for the first time, to an extent that Narcan was required to revive her. On revival, she murmured “how’s my baby?” which triggered an immediate investigation by family services. She is now under order for supervised contact only with her baby. The courts have at least, allowed Annie’s mother to be the supervisor, so that the baby can remain in the family home.

    I am not an easy mark. In fact, I am among the first to say “you made your mess, deal with it”. Yes, I have been marked “unkind” and perhaps that is earned. But I am teachable. To see this girl, who had so very much going for her…toss it for what she believed was her rite of passage, defines heartbreaking for this addict and someday-counselor. And she is back at meetings and trying hard to regain a grip on some semblance of sanity. She’s clear on what she has done. So yes, we’ll support her.

    Fellow addicts, even if alcohol was not your drug of choice, maybe this will help illustrate that “Booze is the fuse”. After six or so years of abstinence, Annie is in much worse trouble than she ever imagined.

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