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    Hi everyone, I have this situation with my friend that I’m hoping for some advice on……..
    Brief summary… I’m 16 months sober…have some trust issues with people that I have been working on….My friend drinks heavily……I don’t spend alot of time with her, but I am always there to lend an ear, and at times I feel this is one sided with her….I don’t let alot of people in my life for the fear of being taken advantage of, hurt etc….I trusted her….. well she went to Vegas and before she left she “hired” me to walk her dog….this is my business..she said she would pay me 100 cash when she got back….well she didn’t…said she spent too much in Vegas….so no money for me!!! I am so mad and hurt and feel like just shutting her out of my life….I just feel she has let me down…..Maybe I’m overreacting…it could just be my protective measures but I don’t think I can trust her again….. Since my recovery I am noticing I am more sensitive to things, and have really no tolerance for being a doormat…. I can forgive her but I don’t think things will be the same….
    What’s your take???:headbange
    Thanks so much….

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