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    I couldn’t decide whether to post a thread or not, I have said the same things so many times before it seems kinda futile. However, I though if nothing else at least you would all know I am still alive.

    I was thinking about addictions the other day, I see people say “you have to be ready” and “you have to really want it” and that. I was thiinking about when I finally quit smoking, it took 4 years of trying but then one day I just got it, I was ready, I haven’t smoked a cigarette in over 5 months and I never want to.

    I have been trying to quit alcohol for about 4 years aswell, I just hope this time I am ready. I really am sick of it. I feel ready. I figured if I use the same approach as I did to quit smoking I can make it, they are both addictions right?

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