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    Hi guys…um. Ok I uh…am coming out of a university now and signed up for the air force with a friend. I need to stay sober, I am going into officer training again in a month, but I mainly used substances to avoid depression. I couldn’t be taking depression meds before going into the service. I probably shouldn’t even be admitting it online maybe I’m just paranoid.

    Normally I just take them at night but I’m not sure it’s only the second day, I relapsed a lot but I can’t again, I only have a month. I keep looking for something else and instead am drinking, it doesn’t replace it but at least its something. Oh…I have a family history of alcoholics all dying in their 30s so I’m thinking this isn’t great to replace it with drinking. Um…oh and if you say stuff about friends I just moved again so I have none here, again, and no family. So…other help would be awesome, I’m not religious either so no god stuff would help. Thanks so much if…you can help…I’m guessing there are no substitutes in the end. I’m scared to death of that to be honest.

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