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    I have been quiet on the boards latley just being an obsearver.My program is strong but I still have noise in my head.I just got back from a month out of town working.It is a little stressful these guys all drink heavy I’m not thinking of drinking but I dont want to hang with them and always be the driver.Well my son doesnt want me to go again and I got another offer and its an offer I really cant turn down.The money is 3x my usual salary and we can really use it. I have a dog who is going blind I have already spent 2300 dollars and the end isnt near.I’m getting feedback from “you have to do the right thing” to put that dog down there are people who cant pay for their kids to go to the Dr. I would never put the dog down.My sponcer says I have luxury problems and I really dont want to whine.I just want to keep my kid happy and have the money for the dog who I really love she has been here since I’v been sober this time. So thats whats going on with me thanks for reading and I’m always open to feedback Tom:scared:

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