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    Did you ever know anyone that was somewhat intoxicated almost all of the time. I mean to the point that they almost seemed like 2 different people, the person with alcohol in their system and the completely sober version.

    When I grew up I had an uncle (who died when I was about 17), with alcohol in his system he was the life of the party, he could talk endlessly about almost anything. He ran an auto repair shop and was able to function quite well as long as he kept his blood alcohol levels somewhat stable.

    He had to get a minor operation and was in the hospital for several days at one point and therefore could not drink. I still remember talking to him after he got out and it was a completely different person. He had nothing to say, seemed very irritable and the best you could get out of him was a yes or no answer. This was not the person I knew.

    As soon as he got his blood alcohol levels back up to par he magically became his old self again. In retrospect I think he had lost his real self sowewhere in a sea of alcohol. He died at the age of 52 of a heart attack and I have no doubt that his alcohol use had a lot to do with his premature death.

    I also know a few people that got divorced shortly after getting sober, it would seem that the changes were more than they could deal with. It does seem that alcohol can really take over the core of who a person is.

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