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    Two of today’s hits and tomorrow’s classics were released recently, two of the best heavy metal singles in quite some time. Sit in shock and observe how people still actually make real music despite all evidence to the contrary you may hear on the radio and TV. Both are from veteran bands that have been around the world for decades.

    Paradise Lost keeps the metal in their doom metal. May provoke tears in hippies, but should meet with a fairly organic scowl if you’re a real man:

    German panzerbrigade Vader revisit a topic that is so battered to death by metal bands that one cannot help but to whimsically bat it from time to time with a highly polished and produced video. Pay no attention to the flames billowing out of your bookcase. Attention please, you may not enjoy this if you are a loser:

    Feel free to post any other videos that make you do anything other than obsess over drugs!

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