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    I know for many this does not sound like a huge achievement but for me it felt like the impossible. I’ve been to rehab, AA, private therapy, psychiatrists, lived with firneds who were helping me, done a lot. But now, here I am living on my own and for the first time choosing to be sober. The oddest thing is (an d I don’t want to sound like I am boasting because I am not) is that once I made the choice not to drink it just all fell into place.
    To further it all I had a situation last night involving husband, children and my immediate family that turned me into an emotional wreck for a few hours but I did not even think about drining to get away with. I was very lucky that a good friend came over, listened to me and understood why I felt so rotten. And that was all I needed to get through it.
    I am so grateful to be able to wake up this morning and feel good abaout myself. I am still so sad about those wasted years and my current situation, living on my own, as a result of my drinking. Bu I can live with the person I am.
    Sorry about all the typos, my old self wouldn’t be able to live with them but today, I think I will just leave them in!
    Thanks for listening

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