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    i have been sober for a couple months now…thanks to AA and reading everyone’s posts here. but i am still struggling with something and i need some advice. the last part of my drinking days were an attempt to either alter or numb my feelings for someone who is MARRIED and I know i cant have.

    though i am sober now, i still pine for this person constantly. it is torture. i cant seem to find anyone else who compares. my sponsor tells me not to think in these terms because i need at least a year of sobriety before i get into a healthy relationship. however, i have regular exposure to the object of my affection and my feelings are driving me insane. they are completely one-sided: unreturned texts and emails, what i perceive as flirtation is just the other person being nice. it is so hard.

    did anyone else use alcohol to delude themselves into thinking that someone they liked had the same feelings when the reality was different…only to sober up and find it very painful to move on?

    thanks for any comments!!!!

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