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    Hello to all at S.R. I am writing to update everyone on my story. I am 3 1/2 weeks clean off of the pills. I also want to thank everyone here that helped me get through this. I am finally over most of the physical withdraws, except for night sweats and stomach problems. I am still dealing with some anger and anxiety but it seems to be getting better everyday. Now i can start focusing on the rest of my life not chasing pills or freaking out because my rx is running low. Wow i feel free. As posted in some of my first stories my nine yr old daughter really helped me to stay strong more than anyone else. God love her I tell ya if it wasnt for here i really dont think i would be where i am at today. She is a gifted kid in school and very smart so i was honest with her when i started my journey to get clean off the oxy’s 30. Anyway i made a promise to her and myself to try my best to stay clean, the thing that I am struggling with is that I am disabled with serious back, spine problems with nerve ending problems which causes serious pain in my back and legs thats why i was put on the oxy’s and morphine to begin with. But i am taking ibuprofen for the pain it doesnt help as much but it gets me by. Alot of people tell me to try vicodin or something but they are addicting also and i am a addict so thats out.But anyway I am hanging in there and wish me luck.

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