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    Hi Guys

    Just wanted to share my experience. I had been back on the booze for a few months (after 21 and half days sober). Til one morning I woke up and was very sick about 7am (even too sick to have a drink). I was then sick all day and about 4pmish I was sicking up blood. This was very scary, this continued all threw the night. There was no way I could sleep. I was very dehydrated, drank some water and 5 mins later threw up. I must have thrown up at least 100 times.

    I had pains in my chest and continued to throw up. I wanted to go to hospital but my husband had crashed, he eventually woke at 2am. We phoned 000 to get details of our nearest hospital and he drove me there.

    I was still throwing up in the car in a bucket. I have never been so ill in my life. Once at the hospital, they immediately put me on a drip, and did an assessment asking lots of questions. My husband was there thankfully. Then all the treatment began and I was still throwing up in the bed. They asked my to wear an oxygen mask and I even managed to throw up in there.

    I had loadsa treatment, though the drip, sodium chloride, water, magnesium, valium, thiamine. I had an ECG and strapped to another machine measuring my BP, heart rate etc. I had an xray about 7.70 am, so by this time I had been awake for 24.30 hours.

    They were still giving me other treatments via the drip and had further blood samples taken, we got the OK from the doc about 3.30pm. So all in all we spent 13 hours at the hospital and I had been awake for 32 hours.

    The reason why I was sicking up blood, was a combination of alcohol & starvation, called ‘ketoacidosis’ & ‘hematemesis’.

    My hubby was great as he sat with me all the time.

    I was back on the wagon for 10 days…cos I was so ill. But then fell off again. How will I ever learn.

    I am no doc but the moral of my story is that if you are drinking is to try and eat and take all your vitamins.

    My other post is:


    However on a positive note I got married in Sept and my Mum flew out from the UK to Oz.

    Thanks for listening.


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