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    Well I’m finally out of the woods. I’m no longer in a state of withdrawal, I feel much much better and I’m glad I can get back to normal life again without having to worry about a dose.

    If everyone read my past posts, I just finished my 2nd detox because I made a huge mistake and relapsed after I was almost 2 to 3 months clean.

    It was alot harder to get through the withdrawals this time beings it seems to pack a harder punch everytime you relapse and go back into detox.

    I wanted to thank all the people who supported me here. You guys are great.

    I hope this time I will learn a huge lesson from relapsing and I will find the strength to brush off those cravings I get when I’m over month without pills.

    I don’t want to have to come back here again telling everyone I relapsed. I would hate to see myself back in the same position I was 2 weeks ago :(.

    Anyway just wanted to let everyone know I am doing ALOT better, I conquered the withdrawals!

    The only problem I have now that has anything to do with detox is these issues trying to sleep at night. It’s 4:40am here right now and I’ve only gotten 2 hours of sleep the whole night.

    I should be able to start getting more sleep any day now. Anyway once again thanks guys. :ghug

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