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    Hello thank you all for the info and support. Today I started an intense BDT class that encorporates sessions with nurses, doctors, my own personal case worker and a psychiatrist to help me weed my way through this depression. I am now 3 weeks without any pain meds… and my original pain is back but the depression is the worst of it. So we are considering some anti depression meds, as I have been depressed long before I stated taking the pain meds just didn’t realize that is what I was feeling. We are looking at a few that have been proven beneficial to chronic pain sufferers. I will let you know how that pans out. Also we are retesting my thyroid levels to see if they are lowering since when I started with the pain meds my thyroid was toxic… The doctors looked at everything adn told me I was a recipe for disaster waiting to happen. I am tenetively scheduled back to work 7/28 but that will depend on the psychologist over the next few days. The classes today were wonderful they are helping me wtih coping skills, relaxation, effective communications adn recognizing my triggers when I start to go off the deep end.


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