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    So, I am going on three weeks clean of Oxy/Percs/Vics etc and my best friend since I was a kid, who I talk to daily, was SUPPOSED to go clean too. We both have amazing careers and lives to live without this crap, so we decided to quit Nov 30th. Well, he went back about a week or so ago to doing oxy’s again. Today I was meeting him at a local supermarket to get something to eat and I saw his truck, so I hopped in just in time to see him take a nice line of Oxy 80. Well, it sucked, bottomline, but I didnt urge to do any and he apologized over and over.
    Simply put, he is my best friend, but I dont want to be around this crap any more. I just want to be free and clear of all this stuff, so what should I do? What would YOU do?

    Thanks (and please dont tell me to “consult my doctor or healthcare professional”, lol. I am not asking for medical advice)

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