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    Hi ya’ll…What do I gotta do to stay clean?man,I been trying to get this thing for 20yrs.The only thing I’ve done right is keep coming back.I’ve really had battles with opiates.I thought crack was bad.Opiates have litterally drained the life out of me.I really want to put my life back together ’cause the one I got now,,,,,a monkey could do a better job than I’m doing running it.It’s really a hopeless feeling to cringe at the thought of going thru a day without some kind of foreign aid to change the way I feel so I don’t have to be me.It’s become like the life of a vampire.They kill and ravish their victims for the nessicity of survival.They do what they do in order to live.Their key element is the blood.Day 1 wasn’t too bad….day2 the sickness starts… 3 the sweats and flu like symptons,diahreea on myself…day 4 my ****** mind is coming apart…JUST ONE OC AND all this would go away.That;s my delima has any one else got any suggestions to get this monkey off my back?please don’t tell me I’m right where I’m suppossed to be.I need to find feedback so I don’t go get high.hopeless////////peace out

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