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    Hi all…

    Today I have 2 appointments

    1 with the pain clinic, the other with my psychiatrist/addiction Dr.

    The pain clinic appointment was supposed to be yesterday, however for some reason they called and changed it to today. So what did I do? I called the psychiatrist and changed it until Friday 🙁

    Yesterday, while sitting at work depressed at hell I googled depression and oxycodone. Found very interesting articles saything that over time the oxies block out the anti-depressants (I take wellbutrin) and couldn’t help but think this was whats been going on with me…?? I can take 1 oxy and feel fine, but if I take more than the 1 I start to spiral down into the black hole….

    So I made a choice….

    I called the psychiatrists office back and asked if they possibley could give me old appointment time of Thursday (today) instead of Friday. They did.

    The pain clinic is not open on Friday……and I have 5 left…

    Last week the psychiatrist did blood work on me, so he could rule out any other problems like a bad thyroid or something…..

    Today, I believe he is going to put me on suboxone, at least thats what he referred to last week. For detox only, so hopefully it will be a short period of time….less than 2 months.

    Either way, I put myself into a position of getting off these things one way or the other. I pray the man is going to help me get off these and I didn’t just throw myself into the CT pit!

    I am going to be very honest with the Dr and tell him why I cancelled my first appt with him, then re-instated it. Mentally I was being pulled in so many directions….like the 2 little people on your shoulders, the good and the bad….LOL, well one was saying skip the clinic, the other was saying go to the clinic and see the Dr Friday, just in case!!!


    I can do this, I can do this, I can do this, I can do this…..

    Have a great day everyone!

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