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    What a Journey ! For those who don’t know my story after dental surgery and back problems in spring of ’04 I became addicted to vicodin.For 4 1/2 years I begged, borrowed, and scammed getting pills wherever and whenever I could, online, doctor shopping, on the street, from little old ladies, working my way up to 25-30 pills a day. I am a businessman who employs 25 people, once the word got out that I bought pills, and had money to pay, people came out of the woodwork. In all the time I never came close to running out.For over a year I wanted to quit, but I knew the time had to be right because I had to function at a high level everyday. After 1 attempt at cold turkey and another with suboxone on the 3rd try I weaned down for a couple weeks and checked into a bare bones Detox at a city hospital.For the few days I was there they gave me just enough Valium and clonodine to keep me from jumping out the window. I felt like crap , but they stressed that it wouldn’t kill me. When I got home I was sick for a few more days ,but I survived it. I was expecting to be “normal” right away,I kept feeling better and better, but it has really been up and down with the many effects of PAWS. Now I can finally say I’m back to my old self ( for better and for worse). Since I don’t do meetings 12 Step National Meetings has been invaluable to me in my recovery,the support and knowledge I received truly was the difference maker for me.Early on as I reported on my progress I did not want to let down my new community at 12 Step National Meetings or my everyday family and friends, but mainly I wanted it for me ! In particular I want to thank,Windysan, Bvaljalo,Ccgirl, Sugah,Lost Butterfly, Emmer and all those who responded to my posts. I recommend a Detox to get through the worst, but professional help of some kind is probably the way to go. For those who are struggling…YOU CAN DO IT !

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