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    I’ve been afraid to post on here for fear that my almost 60 days sober from alcohol would be diminished or for not in the eyes of others because of my vicodin addiction. However, this is the place I go to for support and others are so honest here that I’m going to be also. I am very proud of my 58 days sober from alcohol and no one can take that away from me.

    I wasn’t ready to give up my vicodin while recovering from my alcohol addiction. I was going to address it after more time under my belt. Time’s up. I have chronic neck pain and started taking vicodin several years ago…yeeda yeeda. My boyfriend has now gone into the almost full time business of dealing oxy, morphine, vicodin, benzos, xanax, valium, soma, coke, speed, pot, x, just about anything he can get his hands on to sell. His going into the business has been to my demise. He was out of vicodin a couple days ago and sold me a morphine. I was very sick from that yesterday and today I am withdrawing from it. I paid him to poison me basically. This is not something new in our relationship. He used to give me stuff like that when I was drunk and then check on me the next day to “make sure I wasn’t dead.”

    So here I go…I’m done with the pills and I’m done with him too. The morphine kicked me over the edge and I’m angry about it. Finally. He was a car salesman when I met him 5 years ago not a drug dealer. I want out of the whole thing and the lifestyle that has gone with it. We can’t even have a night anymore to ourselves. His “clients” meet us everywhere: restaurants, dog parks, department stores and I end up stuck in my car while he makes his runs, etc. He comes to “see” me and then disappears for hours doing this because actually it isn’t me he is seeing. It’s people who live in here who need a fix and he needs a car to get to these places.

    Just wanted to introduce myself in this new forum. I’m Kathleen. I’ve probably seen some of you in the newcomers or alcoholism threads!

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