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    55 years old, drank for 40 of them. Was a ‘functioning alcoholic’ for most of those years. I drink to forget, when a problem or crisis arises, into the bottle I go. Well this year has been a dandy and I’ve really hit the bottle hard. Recently went through two serious binges because of some very serious personal situations

    Tonight my wife announced she’d had enough, we’re through. The house goes on the market very soon. I have been sober for a week. The first time in those 40 years. Moderation?….I wish. Now I start a life alone.

    Don’t just consider what you’re doing to yourself, look how it devastates other people. It robs you of life’s pleasure’s. You often make a fool of yourself. Low self esteem…the list goes on.

    Alcohol does not make a problem go away. It only masks it for a short while. Now look at the problems I have thanks to my good buddy alcohol. I’ve had enough. On to a sober clean life, I pray I’ll get there. Good luck to all going through the same hell I am.

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