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    I started on Vicodin for back pain and it was the only thing that took the pain away, and also took away the fatigue and depression I have always struggled with. So of course I became addicted and felt like I couldnt function without it. But when I ran out and tried to find it on the street, I could only find Heroin. So that addiction lasted several months but I heard about Suboxone and bought that on the street. Used that off and on for a couple months. I told my doctor the Vics werent working anymore, and I felt like I was addicted, so he changed my rx to percocet. Now I take 3 five mg pills 3 times a day (only supposed to take 2 at a time though). I want off all of these pills! I’m tired of feeling like I cant live without them. I’m scared to quit cold turkey because I have 2 young children and a house I have to take care of. I cant leave my kids to go to rehab either.
    What I would like to do is find some non-addictive meds that will ease the withdrawal process. I have terrible night sweats, cold sweats, body pain, and fatigue when I dont have them. I really dont feel like I can get up and move my body.

    But the worst part is the depression I feel when I’m not on them. I take 30 mg of Cymbalta for depression already, but it doesnt help. I dont know if my doctor is qualified to help me. And can I get help with this without going away to rehab??? If anyone has advice, please let me know…

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