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    I haven’t been around the past few days because I was on a fishing trip from Mon-Wed night, as some of ya know I’m a huge fly fisherman, that’s what brings me great joy in life is being knee deep in a trout stream:)

    Anyway….spent the past 3 days with a good friend whom has been by best fishing buddy/explorer in Norther Michigan for the past 5yrs. He’s about 20 yrs older than me (58) but we have always got along great and share a lot in common and do a lot of these trips together. So long story short I just wanted to share a picture from the end of one of our days with everyone. I’m about 100 days sober now while we were on this trip and I thought the way we ended this trip was pretty fitting to how I feel these days with the relaxing sunset behind our drift boat while we snacked on some river side burgers. Coulnd’t think of a better place in my opinion to celebrate 100days.

    I’m seeing more&more that Life Sober really IS good!:)


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