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    Hi everyone. So im 23 i have a son thats 4. i was doing ok about 2 and a half years ago I drank but not that often, after splitting with my babys father 2 years ago, it sort of all went downhill. I have a partner now though that i love to death and he hates my drinking too. I always start fights with him without fail. I usually drink once a week but when i start i cant stop myself. My mum is an alcoholic, drinks everyday, thinks nothings wrong. My whole family is pretty much the same, we cant drink around each other, the yelling starts, fighting etc .. and thats just them, I find my time and time again forgetting what happened the night before, but of course my partners there reminding me EVERYTHING in the morning. Who knows the feeling? you literally do not want to here it. On top of that im also highly addicted to marijuana which has done nothing but make me depressed. I dont want to go anywhere anymore, not with my friends, noone. So here I sit now, HUNGOVER, believe it not. I’ve had enough. I want to be happy again.

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