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    That’s the question I found myself asking this past weekend. Just returned back home from another fishing trip over this weekend with a group of buddies.I knew they would be hitting the local small town bar and I would just have to be strong since I’m 38 days sober and tell them go ahead and have fun but I would be stayin’ at the motel. And if anyone asked me “why” I would just flat out tell them because I don’t drink anymore because I’m a recovering alcoholic and that’s all they need to know.

    Well turns out one of the guys in the group whom I had not meet till this trip stoped drinking himself about a year ago because his dad was a huge alcoholic and still is, so this guy had drank for about 8 yrs and finally said to himself he didnt want to turn out like his dad so he stopped a year ago. So he and I actully ended up stayin at the motel havin a good time watching stupid old movie and talking about our old drinking days/recovery. It was a nice suprise to say the least.

    Anyway…about 1 am the rest of the group comes back and I swear, I couldn’t believe that I use to be like that. They way they were talking about the stupidest S***….loud as they could be with people sleeping in the room next door at 1am, laughing at things that were not even in the least bit funny, then the next morning getting up LATE to go fishing and being flat out hing over all day today. It’s funny but now I got home a few hrs ago and found myself thinking….was I really like that??? sad thing is, yeah I was. But now I can say…this time I wasn’t:c033:


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