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    i have been listening to different educational videos and stuff, and have realized my thinking is soooo f’ed up still at times. i tend to dwell on things that i dont want, rather than things i do want. i tend to dwell on things that i have no controll over instesd of things that i do. i also tend to dwell on negative things, most of which havent even happened. ive just rteally been paying attention to this lately with everything in my life, including what i want out of life. its really taking a lot of practice and awareness due to the fact that ive been used to thinking so negatively for a long time. i just wanted to share this and maybe pass the idea along. it has really, really helped me the last 5 days in my non smoking of cigs, and life in general. our way of thinking has soooo much to do with us as addicts/alcoholics and how we treat our sobriety….

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