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    Last Sunday I did a line of cocaine. It was really just a line and is definitely not habitual for me. The effect of it lasted way to long. Four hours later I still had a numbness on the side of my face where I had snorted the line. My heart was beating a bit quicker than usual and I felt a bit drowsy. I have to say that I was very tired on that day anyway. During the evening the symptoms seemed to disappear and I went to sleep at around 1 a.m. The next morning I could barely get out of bed and when I finally did, I realized that the side of my face was still a bit numbish and I felt a bit light headed. I realized that my nose was blocked but I also have to say that I had a bit of a sore throat on that Sunday already before I had snorted the coke. On Monday evening my face got better but I realized then that the arm and leg of the other side of my body were getting a bit ticklish and weakish. I could still walk and move normally though. Damn it!!!! I thought I must have had a little stroke, a TIA or something. Straight away I started taking aspirin and spent half the night researching my symptoms. Obviously I felt **** the next day after 4 hours of sleep and a still slightly weak feeling on the same side of my body. I went through my daily routine and even attended a yoga class. Weak…but i could still do it.
    It’s Wednesday evening now. I have a headache, the weakness is better but I still have a cold.
    I want to call a doctor tomorrow to schedule an appointment. I first wanted to make sure that the coke was out of my system…

    Can somebody tell me something?? Should I be really worried??? I’ve heard people died after having cold-like symptoms after drug use…BUT I’m not taking any other drugs and it was really just a line…

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