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    After I got out of rehab on Nov 15th, I went home to a mess of new troubles. My GF was gone, there was some guys clothes in the house, and my dog was missing. After a few frantic phone calls, I found out that the GF and her new BF were in CA meeting her parents, and the dog was with a mutual friend. I got the dog, packed up all the guys stuff in a garbage bag, and told the GF she had one week to be gone. I called the landlord and took her name off the lease, since her and I had been on the lease together for 5 years, and figured that was it. A week after she left, I got two letters the same day from the landlord…one addressed to me and one addressed to her. Since I had no idea where she had moved to, I opened both letters. Her’s basically said…”You’ve been a great tenant and I’ll be glad to give you a reference.” Mine said…”You have 30 days to move or I’ll begin eviction proceedings.” Talk about a shock.

    I still wasn’t drinking at that point. I called a friend of mine who lived in the midwest, and he said, come on up here and we’ll get you a job, and bring the dog, too. So…after moving from friend to friend in December, I finally got up there in January. I still wasn’t drinking at this time. I interviewed with the company, was hired on Wednesday and was scheduled to start work on Monday. On Friday, I got a call from the HR manager who said, we can’t offer you that job. No reason, no rhyme, they drug tested me and did the background check prior to the offer, and everything was clear.

    So, I looked for work for a few weeks, until I finally decided to go back home. I got back and had no money except unemployment, which was about $200 bucks a week. I found a fleabag motel that would let me pay by the week, $185…I stayed there for a week until I found an off season cottage that I can pay $150 a week for, which only leaves $20 for food and gas a week, while I look for work. And here I am now.

    So, last night I spent $13 of my not so much left over money for a bottle of vodka. As I sat out out on the front porch with my dog, drinking my vodka and tonic, I realized that sometimes life really does suck, and I actually felt better than I had in the last 4 months. I wish I could blame the bad luck on alcohol, but I was sober the entire time all that bad stuff was happening. I guess I’m saying that if I have to go through that hell again, I’m sure not going to go through it sober the next time.

    4 months of sobriety gone in one day for extremely valid reasons.

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