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    I stopped xanax for a while, but went right back to taking it when I had a refill at a pharmacy. I just love xanax, not going to lie.

    I talked to a new doctor (psychiatrist), and he wanted me to write down 30 reasons why I want to take Xanax. I named 50….it was really mind opening…and embarrassing….flying, going to the beach, going to sleep…there are so many reasons I want to take it.

    Given the fact that I’m doing the best I’ve ever done….school, volunteering, writing editorials for the school paper, did an internship in DC for my congressman this past fall (which is when i basically stopped xanax).

    I take 2-4 mg daily i would say, some days none or 1mg. I’m also on 200mg lamictal/day which is to prevent seizures as i had a heat stroke/maybe seizure last September. The thought it was a seizure at the time, but after 4 doctors look at it….the criteria didn’t meet ‘seizure’ standards and was ruled a heat stroke/passing out because of over exercise and dehydration…but they wanted to keep it on the safe side….so the Lamicital.

    The doctor says we’re going to slowly go off the xanax…it’ll take a while, but I think I can do it. It’s going to start next month after spring break. I’ll also have no other supply to more xanax, so I’ll have to stick with this method. And after writing down those reasons why I take it….I was embarrassed. I have to do something.

    Wish me luck!

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