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    Hi everyone,

    Thank you for having me back. That weening thing seemed like it was going good, but then just buckled while I bounced from good day to bad day and then just all bad days.

    So now it’s around 5 pm on day one. No drinks yet and no intention to. My Mother-in-Law and Sister in Law live upstairs and I spoke to each of them today about my problem and asked for support. I spoke to my wife and pleaded for her to understand that I have a legitimate problem that is affecting my life, her life, my personality where I used to be confident and now just always feel like a loser who has no control over fingers that open cans and arms that bring cans to my lips.

    The economy has been killing my business since 2009 and I just watched it dwindle to nothing, hoping for change. I lost my confidence to go out and sell aggressively and lost a few big jobs that I had leads on because I couldn’t commit… I only wanted jobs that I could do in my home shop so that I could drink all day. I know that’s where my head has been at. Now I have so little and feel so little.

    I was thinking of finding an AA meeting tonight if I could find one, but I am too sick today. I have attempted every single possible other method to stop drinking and failed miserably. I spent from 1997 – 2005 in denial, and the last five not in denial of having a problem, but denial that there might be a solution or help for me.

    Please hope for me that this is my bottom.

    Thank you for reading.

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