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    I’m getting ready to go to a meeting. I have a choice of going to AA or NA as we have one of each in this town. Since I am both an alcoholic and a drug addict I can go to either and fit in.

    I was deciding which one I wanted to go to and my first thought was where would I get the most attention. It’s not new to me that I seek out and love attention, but it’s the first time I am saying it “outloud”.

    I sat in judgement at last night’s meeting and I think it’s because I wasn’t the princess of the meeting.

    I have walked into meetings and have been enthusiastically greeted by a lot of people and that turns out to be a good meeting to me. Last night I didn’t get the attention that I wanted, so it was a bad meeting to me.

    I am deciding which pair of boots to wear that will garner the most compliments/attention.

    I either like NA more or AA more depending on the attention I receive. At AA I heard, sobriety looks really good on you, Teri…so AA became my favorite meeting.

    2 weeks ago when I went to an NA meeting, I was voted G12 Step National Meetings and got a TON of attention for taking my 60-day chip, so NA became my favorite meeting.

    Last night was an NA meeting and since I didn’t get enough attention (and no one complimented me on my new coat) I have now decided that AA is for me.

    I sure hope that posting this will help, because this is very embarrassing.

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