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    “rarely have we seen a person fail………”
    Well I am here to tell you that now you have.
    “There are those too who CAN NOT or will not give themselves to this simple program. They are not at fault, they seem to have been born that. But many of them do recover, if the have the capacity to be honest.”
    And so my story begins-and ends. For I am a crackhead, living in a hell of my own creation. 15yrs smoking crack-10 of which I have been pursueing recovery.
    To no avail. Although my last binge was back in Dec, I don’t find much relief in the fact. I have previously had 4 & 5 months sobriety. The 4 mos. due to my being in jail, for the first time, last year. The 5 because I was in a program, but that actually translates to being broke. You see that is my one and only trigger. And as long as I remain unemployed, as long as I don’t have money, I won’t smoke crack-period. It’s the homelessness that is getting to me.
    I am involved in treatment, a bunch of hooey if you ask me. The best group is CBT;coccaine, just because we openly discuss and call each other out on our crackhead behaviors. Elsewise I am only trying to get some living assistance until I can get myself back on my feet. And it’s not going well.
    I suppose I have digressed from my original intention with this post. So if you are our were a crackhead, by which I mean that was your Drug of Chaos, and money became the root of all evil. I would love to hear what you are doing to avoid using and returning to the so called normal world.
    Thanks for your time and interest.


    PS if we have been around this bush in another thread, no need to repeat yourself, I re-read old post all the time.

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